The main elements of art

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In order to understand the field of art, it is important that you have a solid foundation and understanding of it. all there is to visual art is the elements. They are the creative building blocks that are essential in creating any piece of art.  getting to know how these elements work will help you gain a deeper understanding of art, how to create it, and mimic other forms of art.

Most of these art elements are easy to grasp, understand and use. They are basically the main elements used when creating any pieces of art. whether you want to paint, draw, design, sculpture or so more, these elements will come in handy.


The line marks the distance between two points and can appear curved or straight. When creating visual arts, the lines do not need to be made with outline or marks in order to e seen; they can appear as abstract or implied.  Lines have a very huge impact on the other elements of art, whether presented as three or two dimensional. You can use lines to create form, shape and give a sense of depth.


The three main building blocks of color are value, hue and intensity. Working with them can give you a wide range of emotions. Most artists will tell you that the color of your art piece has the largest emotional impact. You can select the contrast and mood of your piece by studying different colors and understanding the color theory.


The shape of the image is as a result of closed lines.  Shapes are flat and two dimensional, having only height and width. Squares and circles are geometric shapes which are opposed to curved and abstract organic shapes. The shape can be used to control our perception of the composition.


This is when shapes acquire some depth and become three dimensional images. Pyramids, spheres and cylinders are some examples of forms in art. form is the most important element when it comes to sculptures and is very useful in architecture and other live form of arts. Form can be introduced into a piece of painting or drawing with basic 3D techniques. Form has the ability to change the perception of the image greatly.


The value is a color related element and basically the darkness of lightness of an image. The darkest value of any piece of art is black while the lightest is white. Value can change the way your image looks completely. By defining the contrast between dark and light values, you can change the form of an image. Value will change the form as well as the mood of your artwork.


Space can be manipulated based on the way you place your color, lines, forms and shapes. Element placement can bring a negative or positive space. Positive spaces are occupied by forms or objects while negative spaces run between the positive ones. Space can create the foreground and background of an art piece.


This is a description of how a piece of art feels and looks. Texture comes into play when you look and feel the piece of art. you can have a smooth, hard, soft, fluffy, bumpy or rough texture depending on what you are looking to create.

Make up as an art form

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While plenty of people around the world do not understand make up, there s plenty of others who consider it a form of art.  people who truly do not understand make up see it as an attempt to change your looks, features or just hide some flaws. The truth is, there is some artistic elements that come with make-up; it is so much more than placing product on your face.

Here is a list of things that further prove that make up is at in itself

The line work during make up process

Faces, just like a canvas, are made up of multiple lines.  The proof is in our symmetry and attraction.  Just like traditional artists and painters, make up artists today can create lines using dark and bright colours; blending them to create a certain look.

Artists also use hard and stark lines to create stopping points and definition for certain features on the face like eyes.

Color work and Color correction

Just like all other artists, make up artists need to understand colors when they are painting new faces.  Both painters and make up artists like to create different moods with differen colors. Make up artists also mix different colors on the face to create different moods and shades.

For all types of artists, understanding the color wheel is very important so as to organize then when creating their form of art.Multiple and various colors are used on the face for illusions; they do it to achieve an illusion or larger eyes, cheekbones, slimmer nose and more.

Tools used in make up

Make up artists are just as passionate as photographers, painters, digital artists and other form of artists; they are always looking to create new things. Like painters have their brush pallets, photographers with their cameras, drawing artists with their chalks and pencils and digital artists with their digital tools, make-up artists have their brushes.

The come in different sizes and shapes each serving its own purpose. To many, some of the brushes may seem the same but to the trained artists, each brush needs a different technique to produce specific results.

Artistic abilities

Much like all other forms of art, you need plenty of talent and artistic abilities to do make up. If you are not creative, you will not find drawing, painting, photography and make up easy. With today’s make up artists, it is easy to see the difference between those who are passionate about it and those who do not understand this form of art.

The impact of the make you

Make up has the ability to pose a dramatic effect on your face. The good thing with make up application is that it ranges from light to heavy, dainty to dramatic, mundane to marvellous and more. You can use it to look different, younger, change the structure of your face, transform to someone else, enhance jaw line, enhance the brow bones and more.  Make up is perfect for the New age in creative face painting during different occasions. Now, you can paint your face to match your costume for your Halloween character!

Art forms that will inspire you to design more modern pieces

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Different forms of art affect our feelings or emotions differently. Artists around the world are able to create pieces that evoke a certain response from the audience manly because of the form or art they use.

Artists use art to communicate their inner most feelings to the world and shoe a creativity that only exists within that space. Art comes in multiple forms all influenced by multiple great cultures and civilization. Art is created so that when you see it in whatever form, you evoke some emotional response. They allow you to express and interpret different feelings and emotions.

Visual arts

This is any form of art that uses any artistic medium to represent the artists imagination, feelings, ideas and emotions.  Some examples of visual arts include sculptures, paintings, and architectures. These visual art forms have been around for decades and continue to develop with the development of technology. Some famous styles and movements in visual arts include surrealism, favism, cubism, Impressionism, Expressionism, realism, relativism and art noveu.

  • Drawing

This is a representation of any piece of art, or object created by hand through pencil, charcoal or pen. They may not necessarily be the depiction of anything real. Drawings can also be abstract to illustrate or represent certain ideas and emotions in the artists mind.

  • Paintings

They have been around for decades and are classified according to the style the artist choses to use. The genre and main object in the painting will also determine what category your art falls into. Most artists like to paint landscapes, still life, pop art and abstract among others.

  • Sculptures

Sculptures are three-dimensional art forms that use stone, clay and wood during the making. essentially, sculptures are made in two ways; you can choose to form them bit by bit and create a particular shape/structure or you can carve/chisel the sculpture from a piece of stone or block of wood.

  • Photography

This is the art f producing an image of any object through a photographic film. The image is captured through a lenses with use of different light and colors. There are multiple different photography types ranging from fashion, wildlife, self portraits and more.

Applied arts

While applied art is a form of visual art, it has more of a practical application than other forms of art. some major examples of applied art include architecture, fashion design, wood crafts and interior design. They are forms of art applied in everyday life but are also able to evoke some kind of response/emotion from people.

Preforming arts

This is the most enjoyed and appreciated form of art. performing arts can be presented in the form of drama, films, opera, music, dance, magic and more. There are multiple artists involved in performing arts including comics, singers, actors, musicians and dancers.

Artistic pieces are created with the aim of moving souls and evoking different forms of emotions. The type of art you chose to go into will depend on your talent as much as what you ant to express and evoke from people.