Art forms that will inspire you to design more modern pieces

Different forms of art affect our feelings or emotions differently. Artists around the world are able to create pieces that evoke a certain response from the audience manly because of the form or art they use.

Artists use art to communicate their inner most feelings to the world and shoe a creativity that only exists within that space. Art comes in multiple forms all influenced by multiple great cultures and civilization. Art is created so that when you see it in whatever form, you evoke some emotional response. They allow you to express and interpret different feelings and emotions.

Visual arts

This is any form of art that uses any artistic medium to represent the artists imagination, feelings, ideas and emotions.  Some examples of visual arts include sculptures, paintings, and architectures. These visual art forms have been around for decades and continue to develop with the development of technology. Some famous styles and movements in visual arts include surrealism, favism, cubism, Impressionism, Expressionism, realism, relativism and art noveu.

  • Drawing

This is a representation of any piece of art, or object created by hand through pencil, charcoal or pen. They may not necessarily be the depiction of anything real. Drawings can also be abstract to illustrate or represent certain ideas and emotions in the artists mind.

  • Paintings

They have been around for decades and are classified according to the style the artist choses to use. The genre and main object in the painting will also determine what category your art falls into. Most artists like to paint landscapes, still life, pop art and abstract among others.

  • Sculptures

Sculptures are three-dimensional art forms that use stone, clay and wood during the making. essentially, sculptures are made in two ways; you can choose to form them bit by bit and create a particular shape/structure or you can carve/chisel the sculpture from a piece of stone or block of wood.

  • Photography

This is the art f producing an image of any object through a photographic film. The image is captured through a lenses with use of different light and colors. There are multiple different photography types ranging from fashion, wildlife, self portraits and more.

Applied arts

While applied art is a form of visual art, it has more of a practical application than other forms of art. some major examples of applied art include architecture, fashion design, wood crafts and interior design. They are forms of art applied in everyday life but are also able to evoke some kind of response/emotion from people.

Preforming arts

This is the most enjoyed and appreciated form of art. performing arts can be presented in the form of drama, films, opera, music, dance, magic and more. There are multiple artists involved in performing arts including comics, singers, actors, musicians and dancers.

Artistic pieces are created with the aim of moving souls and evoking different forms of emotions. The type of art you chose to go into will depend on your talent as much as what you ant to express and evoke from people.

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