Factors to Consider Before Buying Canvas Prints

Art comes in variations, but we will mainly deal with visual art, which is presented in the form of photography, canvas printmaking, crafts, design, ceramics, and film making among others. Art is also classified into other major categories, and these are literature, music, architecture, performing arts, cinema, and painting. The niche we are, therefore, going to discuss falls under the last category.

Anytime you want to purchase a piece of art in the form of canvas prints, there are some features that you will have to look out for, but which need a trained or an informed eye. For the professional artists singling out a piece of good artwork won’t take more than three minutes, but for the newbie’s in the industry the chances of you taking home a bogus piece of artwork just because they feature the aesthetics is very easy, so below are some pointers to look out for when buying a canvas print.


Tips for buying the best canvas print


While you won’t be evaluating the Mona Lisa painting, having some basic art evaluation skills will save you from throwing money on mediocre prints. So the first thing to look out for is the canvas print finishing; for us, this is a deal-breaker because it is a sure sign of incompetency, you will, therefore, look out for the lumpy and baldly folded edges.

Check if the corners have been neatly folded a thing that is normally done from the top or the sides, and if there are any signs of folds then better you move on to another print. The staples should also be consistent and uniform.


We then move to the print and quality of the canvas print, which is quite a dynamic aspect; so here you will be looking at the type of canvas that has been used in the process, whether it is the gloss or matt canvas. The latter might come out as the best option for some of the users, because it is waterproof, and has a long shelf life; it might, however, interest you to know that this type of canvas tends to be very glossy under light thanks to the plastic-type of surface finishing.

For the above, if hanged under light then the image on the canvas print might not be very clear. You might also want to check on the technology and type of ink used in making the canvas print.


Another important factor to consider is your taste and the available options, canvas prints come in varied styles and designs. You will, therefore, find some that have incorporated a single image, or a collage, if you are thinking of settling with the latter, check on the organization of the images, whether it is a neat grid or some well-randomized images.


Lastly, have you given thought to the shape of the probable canvas print for your wall type? So with regards to the relevant space, you are presented with up to four options, and these are panoramic, square, portrait, or landscape design. Before you give out your photos for printing on canvas think ahead of your home layout and the canvas shape that will complement it, instead of looking out of place.

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