Make up as an art form

While plenty of people around the world do not understand make up, there s plenty of others who consider it a form of art.  people who truly do not understand make up see it as an attempt to change your looks, features or just hide some flaws. The truth is, there is some artistic elements that come with make-up; it is so much more than placing product on your face.

Here is a list of things that further prove that make up is at in itself

The line work during make up process

Faces, just like a canvas, are made up of multiple lines.  The proof is in our symmetry and attraction.  Just like traditional artists and painters, make up artists today can create lines using dark and bright colours; blending them to create a certain look.

Artists also use hard and stark lines to create stopping points and definition for certain features on the face like eyes.

Color work and Color correction

Just like all other artists, make up artists need to understand colors when they are painting new faces.  Both painters and make up artists like to create different moods with differen colors. Make up artists also mix different colors on the face to create different moods and shades.

For all types of artists, understanding the color wheel is very important so as to organize then when creating their form of art.Multiple and various colors are used on the face for illusions; they do it to achieve an illusion or larger eyes, cheekbones, slimmer nose and more.

Tools used in make up

Make up artists are just as passionate as photographers, painters, digital artists and other form of artists; they are always looking to create new things. Like painters have their brush pallets, photographers with their cameras, drawing artists with their chalks and pencils and digital artists with their digital tools, make-up artists have their brushes.

The come in different sizes and shapes each serving its own purpose. To many, some of the brushes may seem the same but to the trained artists, each brush needs a different technique to produce specific results.

Artistic abilities

Much like all other forms of art, you need plenty of talent and artistic abilities to do make up. If you are not creative, you will not find drawing, painting, photography and make up easy. With today’s make up artists, it is easy to see the difference between those who are passionate about it and those who do not understand this form of art.

The impact of the make you

Make up has the ability to pose a dramatic effect on your face. The good thing with make up application is that it ranges from light to heavy, dainty to dramatic, mundane to marvellous and more. You can use it to look different, younger, change the structure of your face, transform to someone else, enhance jaw line, enhance the brow bones and more.  Make up is perfect for the New age in creative face painting during different occasions. Now, you can paint your face to match your costume for your Halloween character!

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