The main elements of art

In order to understand the field of art, it is important that you have a solid foundation and understanding of it. all there is to visual art is the elements. They are the creative building blocks that are essential in creating any piece of art.  getting to know how these elements work will help you gain a deeper understanding of art, how to create it, and mimic other forms of art.

Most of these art elements are easy to grasp, understand and use. They are basically the main elements used when creating any pieces of art. whether you want to paint, draw, design, sculpture or so more, these elements will come in handy.


The line marks the distance between two points and can appear curved or straight. When creating visual arts, the lines do not need to be made with outline or marks in order to e seen; they can appear as abstract or implied.  Lines have a very huge impact on the other elements of art, whether presented as three or two dimensional. You can use lines to create form, shape and give a sense of depth.


The three main building blocks of color are value, hue and intensity. Working with them can give you a wide range of emotions. Most artists will tell you that the color of your art piece has the largest emotional impact. You can select the contrast and mood of your piece by studying different colors and understanding the color theory.


The shape of the image is as a result of closed lines.  Shapes are flat and two dimensional, having only height and width. Squares and circles are geometric shapes which are opposed to curved and abstract organic shapes. The shape can be used to control our perception of the composition.


This is when shapes acquire some depth and become three dimensional images. Pyramids, spheres and cylinders are some examples of forms in art. form is the most important element when it comes to sculptures and is very useful in architecture and other live form of arts. Form can be introduced into a piece of painting or drawing with basic 3D techniques. Form has the ability to change the perception of the image greatly.


The value is a color related element and basically the darkness of lightness of an image. The darkest value of any piece of art is black while the lightest is white. Value can change the way your image looks completely. By defining the contrast between dark and light values, you can change the form of an image. Value will change the form as well as the mood of your artwork.


Space can be manipulated based on the way you place your color, lines, forms and shapes. Element placement can bring a negative or positive space. Positive spaces are occupied by forms or objects while negative spaces run between the positive ones. Space can create the foreground and background of an art piece.


This is a description of how a piece of art feels and looks. Texture comes into play when you look and feel the piece of art. you can have a smooth, hard, soft, fluffy, bumpy or rough texture depending on what you are looking to create.

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